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10-19-2012, 05:32 PM
Originally Posted by falloutx23 View Post
you ok buddy? a few weeks ago, you were starting <3 threads for the devs and the game

Cups empty, kool aides gone...
lol ya I guess.

Really though I have turned into Mr. Farmer in STO now... I should be playing wearing overalls. With all the positive stuff happening I thought its ok... its a good thing that we take a break and do some pve stuff for awhile... hey where doing lots of it together with friends still... this isn't so bad... Now I realize that by going along with things and doing that we let Cryptic think that was cool and we would be down for more of the same...

Well Cryptic I am NOT down for more of the same... if this game is nothing more then a pve grind fest anymore... well whats the point. I don't mind doing SOME PvE I even enjoy it a bit... however if thats all this game is... and the pvp ques are dry for a month straight with everyone grinding there personal junk after season 7 launches... I'll find something else to do with my time I think.

I mean are any of us going to be happy with the level of grind there planning for us with the new and fantastic season 7? All I see if I stay is a list of people I used to know and don't play any more growing longer. All well... I'm going to go and do something less QQy now. lol