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10-19-2012, 06:35 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Fleet Marks are rewarded by Fleet Content.
Romulan Marks are rewarded by Romulan Content.
Omega Marks are rewarded by Borg Content.

The only one of these that leaves wiggle room as a possible PvP reward is Fleet Marks, and that continues to be a topic of discussion. But it's a topic with relatively low priority when we're all running around trying to get Season 7 out the door on time.

Would it help at all if I mentioned that we've been kicking concepts for a possible PvP Reputation track?
Its really easy, there's no reason to have a storm in a teacup (as is said locally!). When a player completes the pvp wrappers they get a choice: what kind of fleet, rom, or omega marks they want on top of the usual rewards. Problem solved. Easy.

PvP already exists on a quasi parallel dimension anyway, so why split hairs over taking the easy solution that would please everyone? I mean come on, we have fed and KDF admirals flying non faction ships, using the bones of dead doffs to make the walls of their bases, and the ferengi apparently control a ship reclamation business to rival starfleet and the kdf. Again, why split hairs now?

If you can then add queues for premades and pugs as separate things PvP will once again exist in STO.

P.S. pvp rep track? BAD IDEA. Unless pvp becomes tiered and/or the premades and pugs can queue separetely it will not go anywhere. I think we'd rather have the dev that woul design such a track to instead spend their time doing ANYTHING ELSE, in particlar learning how to fix bugs be they system, code, or graphical.