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10-19-2012, 06:39 PM
Not going to lie...this blog post upsets me. More and more its looking like romulans are going to be a playable race in both of the current factions and not their own. Its very sad that Cryptic is going this route.
that could be, but they could also be setting up to do both. if you didn't notice, it said they were splitting off into three groups. presumably that implies a pro-KDF, pro-fed and pro-independent romulan faction (at some point)

If Romulans do get added as a mini-faction then blame the majority of the STO playerbase for spamming Cryptic about it for 2 years without thinking it would be a terrible idea and a waste of time.
exactly. we will see just how serious they were when they said they didn't care if there was a handful of missions, as long as they got to play them

The people on the forums make up a very small minority of the playerbase.
no they don't. thats an offensive statement thats been repeatedly used to belittle people and make excuses