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10-19-2012, 05:40 PM
I actually don't see much problem with it. Sure, existing MkXII holders will have to grind all the way to get special doffs, but they don't have to grind any farther than someone else would to get those things.

The only thing they are missing is the 'on the way' rewards of the items they already own. So sure, the reputation has less to give them, but it isn't any more difficult than for anyone else. And it's not like STF's are the only way to get omega marks.

So all in all, they may already have played stf's a lot and 'put in their time', but it still seems like 'starting fresh' to me, and all they miss out on is stuff they already have. Not to mention that the old Mk XII gear has a great degree of randomness attached to it anyway, so converting it to rep would have great amounts of inequality.

This isn't like someone with a lot of DXP not getting CXP credit when the duty officer system showed up. It's more like someone who, hypothetically, earned a cross-faction boff through an accolade hunt not getting full-tier DXP just because they already have the prize for that tier.