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Originally Posted by houseofcritz View Post
this question was asked before... they said they did not want to do that bc it would only add to the afk problem in matches these days
screw the afk'ers, i would get 1000 times as many fleet marks as i do now, half the time its just the 1 an hour i get from my tribble. the crap steam roller matches would be just as crap and just as steam roller, and i would still run into those same competent players as usual.

Originally Posted by husanakx View Post
OH my... please no Freakking rep system for pvp... Doffs have screwed with balance enough... no more just leave it along and fix whats busted, I think you have been on the right track with that. Don't take 2 steps back ala Cryptic past... just keep moving forward please.
a pvp rep system that gave any type of advantage? NOOOOOOOO thank you. enough with the power creep

pvp marks and pvp rep, introduce it and make it something you can exchange for ether romulan, omega or fleet marks. would be perfect, us pvpers could fully enjoy the game our own way, and we we wouldn't be having half the posters here talking about how they want to jump ship
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