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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
... it's bloody awful not to recognize the work people spent on accumulating sets and start them at zero when they get less rewards from the new system because they don't NEED the sets.
No, it really isn't. Here's the numbers you're not seeing:

A full set of Mk XII Gear costs 3000 Marks, 15 Elite Marks, and ~100,000 Dilithium.

Attaining Tier 5 in Omega Rep costs 1,686 Marks, 0 Elite Marks, and ~80,000 Dilithium.

People that have already obtained a full set of the Mk XII gear of their choosing no longer have the need to spend the currency listed in above. In fact, along the way to obtaining that gear, it's incredibly likely that they've picked up a good chunk of EDCs, Salvage and Tech, all of which they have no use for (because they already have their desired gear), and will all be converted into Omega Marks which now have a purpose for them, should they choose to use them.

Their extra 'reward' is the fact that the system will cost them less. Considering the prices involved here, that's not something to be ignored.
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