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Originally Posted by jexsamx View Post
I'm... I'm really sorry for this, since normally I tend to agree with the OP, but... this time...

I'm sorry, but what's the problem here? If you've got the Mk XII equipment already, what purpose would there be to grandfathering? You've got the top of the top end gear already. There's nothing more to accomplish, unless for whatever reason you want a constant stream of anti-Borg standard gear for the one toon, or if MACO/Omega/Honor Guard visuals are ever turned on for BOffs.
The problem is that there is less reason for doing the grind without also being less grind to do.

And that it's trying to put the exact same old content on life support that the last few major pushes focused on. It's trying to forcefeed STFs back to people, this time with less work and more expense.

They should have exceeded their revenue goals for the Borg STFs or written them off as a loss a long time ago.

It's pushing an over-depreciated asset and this time charging what amounts to real money to do it.