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10-19-2012, 08:13 PM
Can't wait to see this once it's up and running in full.

DOFF management is of primary importance to me. Also, it would be nice if the accolades would actually show the statistics of the passive skills that are unlocked, and furthermore if you got a "set as title" option when you click on one to see details.

I agree with the prior posts suggesting that BOFF skills be shown in order of rank, sound effects be added (maybe make optional), and also having the ability to rotate, or at least see multiple views of your ship.

Finally, I hope that inventory management is an option, and setting away team or space BOFF positions. Getting to manage some of the more tedious aspects of STO when I'm on the internet for a few minutes but can't play would go a long way towards maximizing the fun I have when in fact I do log in to play.