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10-19-2012, 08:32 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
We ran into some technical limitations that would've made it a prohibitive task to perform this change. It's not completely impossible, and not completely off the list of possibilities as far as bridge officer power changes, but not likely to happen over any sort of short-term time frame.

Instead, if it is determined that they need an increase in effectiveness to go along with their higher-rank seating requirements, that's a balance review we can perform more easily.
Mr Borticus perhaps i'm missing something here, please correct me if i'm way out.

In order to lower the dispersal patterns by a rank could you not just do the following:

1. Create 2 new Bridge Officer skills at Ensign, Lt and Lt commander, calling them Dispersal Pattern Epsilon and Dispersal Pattern Pi (or whatever you want)

2. Copy all the current programming behind Dispersal Pattern Alpha and Beta into these new skills.

3. Replace the tactical captain's ability to train Dispersal Pattern Beta III with the ability to train DP: Epsilon III and Pi III.

4. Perform a server wide replace of all occurances of Dispersal Pattern Alpha with Cannon Rapid Fire and all occurances of Dispersal Pattern Beta with Cannon Scatter Volley. We know you can do server wide replaces because you did them when the science consoles were all changed with the skill tree revamp.

There you go. Done. Everyone has to revisit the Bridge Officer trainer to get the new Dispersal Patterns but that is hardly a big deal. Also bridge officers would not be generated with these new skills but that is no big deal either, everyone uses the trainer for rank I and II anyway.

I don't know how your programming is set up but I cant imagine it would take you guys more than a day to implement the above changes. Maybe two.