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10-19-2012, 08:01 PM
The thing that bothers me about this new Reputation system, its just another copy and paste of the Fleet System. Cryptic brags about PW giving them more of a team, yet they call this "new" content? Really?

Someone nicely said in another thread, why doesn't this tie in with Diplomacy and make the DOFF system actually functional besides unlocking DOFFs? Why couldn't one's diplomacy ranking unlock new missions or equipment?

But the way it is, it's just more grinding just to unlock gear which cost a massive amounts of Dilithium.

But what infuriates me the most is the Omega System.

First of all, they got rid of the STF Store on DS9 for this new system, which IMHO was a massively stupid idea since it made DS9 relevant. Which in before that, when the STF store was actually at Omega fleet, it made it relevant there as well.

So they should put back the store and somehow make Omega Fleet relevant again.

Secondly, this new system totally ruins people's efforts in getting Elite STF sets. There are still plenty of people who yet to unlock these Elite Sets since they were first introduced in December. So this system is a massive middle finger to them since they have to wait a couple of more months to earn gear. And to add insult to injury, they are forcing players to pay in Dilihtium, which is now needed for DOFFing and Fleet Starbases.

So I really don't think Cryptic thought at all about the players when they made this system. If this game didn't already have enough grinding, they are adding more, reducing our pay (Dilithium), and forcing us to work a game that we supposed to be having fun in.

So Cryptic is shooting themselves in the feet and if they go ahead with Season 7 as is, people will surely leave in droves and never come back. And I won't be too far behind, because Cryptic is obviously running this game into the ground instead of actually trying to make it better.
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