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10-19-2012, 08:03 PM
Just a really minor nitpick on on the LCARS "look and feel", especially for the Accolades UI.

In the Accolades UI, I can see that each accolade "section" is comprised of a title bar and a display area where icons for each accolade is shown. I also noticed that each accolade section is collapsible and when an accolade section is collapsed, there is a violation of the LCARS look and feel rules.

Specifically when an accolade section is in collapsed mode, the title bar graphics should be rounded on both sides. Currently when collapsed, only the left side of the title bar is rounded and the right side is still rendering as if it were in an "uncollapsed" state instead of being rounded.

I should add that this does not affect the functionality of the gateway in any way, it is just inconsistent with the visual look of the LCARS interface.
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