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10-19-2012, 08:22 PM
Not sure if you just used wrong abbreviation but those cannons are Dual Heavy Cannons (DHC) and not dual cannons (DC) right? The duals do much less crit damage and due to longer firing time take your power levels take longer to recharge leading to less DPS.

Instead of dual beam bank and beam overload which is great in PVP for burst damage but not so good in pve because of huge NPC hitpoints and power drain lowering your dps afterwards use a torpedo instead with torpedo high yield.

There are many targets in STF with huge hitpoints and no shields like gates and transformers, and even NPC with shields lose shield facings quick so torpedos really increase DPS a lot in STFs. I notice over 2k increase in DPS myself when comparing a build with 4 DHC versus a 3 DHC 1 torp build. Quantum is usually best for STF.

Also there a lots of times when scatter volley and torpedo spread are better, running at least 1 copy of each will help you quickly dispatch groups of birds of prey in cure or probes in khitomer.

tricobalt mines are great, keep using those, but if you try dispersal pattern beta 3 you can do even more massive damage so you may want to experiment with that.