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Originally Posted by picardcrusher View Post
This may be the disappointment that finally drives me from the game. They floated this stupid idea about splitting up the Romulan empire and most people hated it. Now we have a dev blog saying it's the end of their political system. Their political system was what made them interesting.

Furthermore this is entirely out of character for Romulan norms. The Romulans believe that the strong should rule the weak. They challenge the federation because they appear weak (from the outside), then go away for a while when they are proven wrong by someone in a ship named Enterprise. They are too mindful of their own strength to ever allow anarchy.

This new plot line is the worst hack writing the trek universe has ever seen. If they go through with it I'll finally suspend all future purchases, even if that costs me my playable romulan. I've been buying ships and the like on the assumption that cryptic would finally come through on content. This will probably be the final wound to kill that idea.
You'd be surprised how sufficent hardship can change people's views/customs/etc... and let's not forget they didn't just change overnight, they've been dealing with this whole situation for quite awhile.

They may not like it (hell, they probably don't), but when you have no other choice, why let your old customs get you killed if the other choice means you can live?

Plus, you can't really call it a hack just because you don't like it. This is just the tip of the iceberg in what the Season 7 storyline will give us... there's plenty more that will explain things
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