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# 1 "A Cubical Mystery"
10-19-2012, 10:46 PM
"A Cubical Mystery"
Fed, 46+(You should take a 50 in though)
Est. Length: 45 mins-1hr15m depending on career/difficulty levels
Start Location: Mutara Nebula in Gamma Orionis Sector

Contains: Space Combat, Ground Combat, some RP/emersion, and a challenge end combat.

This is my first mission with the foundry so I am especially looking for feedback that would help me in all my future foundry mission projects as I do intend to pursue a storyline multi-part series using this kinda as a prologue.

Couple of notes: Most of the combat I designed to keep you on your toes, expect surprises (nothing too insane though), and the ending is designed to be a hard challenge, requiring either teamwork if you bring friends or a very disciplined strategy soloing it, and not for those who'd want an ease of combat.

I would say for this mission it is pretty much about a medium length of dialogue and is not an intense read. Most of the longer parts are for the more detailed RP sections of the mission.

I would appreciate any feedback others would have towards improving my missions.. obviously some of the foundry tricks I have yet to learn, but I'll get those down soon enough.
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