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IMHO, Cryptic is double-dipping on content by tying Omega Rep to projects that require running OLD STFs and not recognizing the work put forward by people who earned the old gear sets.

IMHO, it is not acceptable for them to refuse to let players double-dip for rewards when they double-dip for content. If these were new STFs for the reward system, it would be one thing. But people with Mk XI and Mk XII items have already run hundreds of STFs and not recognizing that in Omega Fleet reputation SHOULD be up for discussion.

I'm not saying someone with full Mk XII should get FULL Omega rep but considering they're grinding what they ALREADY HAVE in content they have ALREADY DONE many times, the idea that they get nothing for it in the new system is Cryptic double-dipping, while refusing to extend the same courtesy to players.
Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
... The idea is to introduce new grinds every season or so, more than any player can possibly keep up with. They KNOW if they based it off accolades most players would shoot to the top of the rep system right away, how many haven't done all the optionals on elite at least once? Or if they did a 1 for 1 conversion most of us have had several hundred EDCs at one time. His comments about people with MK 12 not having to do anything are most likely wrong. People that have farmed up full MK12 sets tend to be completionists, they will feel compelled to do the Omega rep grind if only for the "passives and power" they cleverly incorporated into it.
Just caught this thread after surfacing for breath from the ballooning behemoth of a thread next door.

I suppose I can be considered one of those 'completionists' for the number of elite sets I've ground to. This was not a grind I did happily or because the content is good. More like grimly in that you stop seeing STFs as fun after the first couple hundred. Anyone who's gone through this knows the feeling, I'll bet. People who knocked off their first 300 months ago and have started doing things like flying intentionally-handicapped fun-build ships, or going all melee on ground missions just to spice up the STFs while they grind them for dilithium.

It wears on you, the Borg Hamster Wheel of STFs does. There's been points lately while aiding my fleet-mates in getting their own elite sets where I think of STFs, cringe and decide, instead, to go curl up with a book. Tonight is one of those nights (once I get back off the 'net). I am not looking forward to the same six STFs for eternity, repackaged and regurgitated under a third system because there hasn't been any time in Cryptic's eternally busy schedule to make something new.

If this reputation system has nothing to justify itself to jaded STF vets burned down on nearly a year of the same six missions, then all the good praise of every dev in Cryptic's STO division won't be enough muster to get them into the Borg Hamster Wheel like before*. Their efforts at making fresh filler content will be wasted.

*...not willingly anyway. Dilithium sinks. God in Heaven...

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