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10-20-2012, 12:42 AM
Originally Posted by red01999 View Post
I like the new PvE queue screen - it looks really nice.

However, can we see how many people are in queue again? It's nice to know so you aren't waiting for a half hour for enough people to pile up on some of the more unpopular events. I've also jumped between one or another because one had one space left before it started and the other was all but empty, and I've found this kind of information rather helpful.

Agreed - the new display changes are nice, but it's also VERY nice to see how close a queue is to popping. Hiding info didn't work so well for City of Heroes; and I'd hate tio see STO starting that trend. It's just going to increase player frustartion especially in this case were it WAS info you guys provided to us since the new Queue system started.
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