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10-20-2012, 01:36 AM
Ok time for me to pitch in my two cents while its wonderfull for you "complete or partial set" folks to complain think about someone like me I STILL dont even have one peice of mark XII despite running Elites so many times I have lost count and the same goes for many of my friends and fleet mates. so while some of you complain that it will cheapen it by making it a set target someone can work toward what you sound like to us is "dont let those who have bad luck get it I want to be special"

This is my opinion anyway and while I may be wrong rethink what you said from one of us unlucky folks points of view not everyone has had 100% drop of prototypes and not everyone can stand running ELITE STFS millions of times (theoreticaly) and chancing`never getting a thing.

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