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Originally Posted by pointedears View Post
Well on behalf of the players who have ground stfs over the last 3 or 4 months thanks a bunch Jeremy for completely cheapening mk 12 gear and making us look like a bunch of idiots. Ive actually played the game and done everything asked of me by cryptic and now you want to just hand out mk 12 gear like its freebies ?
Well joke is on you because I have 2/3 of parts of Space and Ground Sets that I got ... the very first time I did a Elite STF.

STF Mk XII is "freebie", you can spend 3 and 4 months doing and get nothing and then you can have someone like me that does one the first time and Prototype Tech drop, failing the optional too (only Elite optional I have is Infected and I think when I got the Shield we blown the objective due to time).

The issue we have is how the store is locked behind a reputation system and does not account for time spend on doing STFs, I do have a couple of Accolades when I was grinding for a Mk XI set on normal, that apparently will count as nothing.

So you are not special because you have a Mk XII set, its not a mark of skill or endurance ... its the mark of LUCK, anyone that been in a Elite STF for the gear does not mind the fact its no long LOL RANDOM, we DO mind the fact everything we did so far is worth nothing for the new system, having to grind by doing "reputation projects" that is pretty much another Sink and having to BUY then with Dilithium currency.