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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
You'd be better off spending your EDCs on dilithium now or not spending them and letting them convert (not spending them is your best bet). Spending them on gear is a waste because that progress won't be recognized.
It's definitely not a waste since the old STF weapon stuff will cost 14k dil per unit now. So if you want an alternative set of weapons you should get it right now, as long as it's almost free.

Having to play again some more STFs isn't a concern to me. I like them and it won't take that long to hit the new tier 5 reputation, so I don't mind. My main concern is the fact that they charge for old stuff we could have for a very reasonable price with in game items. That was loots. Now it's a store. And I don't see the point of playing a game where you get endgame stuff only if you pay the price. Where's the pride to get endgame gear if you just bought it with some vague time caps and number of mission runs?

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