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10-20-2012, 06:54 AM
Originally Posted by rjcfoxtrot View Post
I don't see this being an issue for anyone that's already gone as far as they desire with acquiring MACO/Omega/Klingon Honor Guard gear. I saw mention of DOffs for Omega rep earlier in the thread. Nifty, another thing to aim for.

Aside from those things, what would you gain from having reputation with Omega? Why does it matter being grandfathered in? Why aren't we being grandfathered in?

I can understand both sides of it. You're not getting a buncha rep off the bat if you've done the STF's over a-bajillion times so you have something to work towards, but why not get grandfathered in anyway for those that have done the STF's a bunch since there's no competitive mechanic involved with any of it?
They're not DOffs. They're the new bonus powers. I was trying to explain them.

You get one per tier for rep.

Tier 1 ground, Tier 2 space, etc.

They're scaled a bit above a purple DOff -- it's almost like a legendary quality DOff roster power. You choose from one of two. No respec available at S7 launch but they will sell one later. The final reward is an active power.

These will impact PvP. They'll also definitely impact ground PvE since between the two reps, you're looking at the tools needed to become a regen tank.

I just think it seems cruddy.

I can maybe see Jeremy's point IF he's right about the rep costing less than each piece of gear.

It just seems Cryptic never genuflects for early adopters. And good companies DO and good service providers do. I stood by them on lifergate but "what have you done for me lately?" is offensively the wrong attitude for a company to take when they sell virtual goods that have the illusion of permanence for real money.