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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
You sound like an EQ or vanilla WoW player.

Stores are the direction everyone went, in part because the pride you describe has minimal value to most folks. Nobody really respects it among playerbases and the people who do aren't a large enough demo to build an MMO around.
I never played WoW, but I do enjoy playing game for casual feelings of achievement. I'm proud of what I did, I don't expect respect for anything, but I think you underestimate the impact that some accolade can have on many player's behaviour. When they see my maco elite/omega shadow/ elite honor guard chars, I know some will listen to me when i say them not to do something. Anyway.

I like challenges. I got every single lockbox ships without buying any master key with real money (I bought some with dil and my stipend but that's it). That's an achievement I'm proud of ; I got my two main chars with the best possible gear ; I'm proud of this achievement. A store where you can just use your wallet to get stuff has very little value to me. What did I achieve? Nothing.

Anyway, again it's a secondary concern. My main one is that I feel a bit betrayed since cryptic changes the rules all the time and since they pull of the toys we can currently get for loots to put them into a useless store just because they don't want to create decent new content to open new dil stores (something I'm ok with since it's not changing the rules, it's new stuff).