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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
Wait what

5 tiers of passive buffs and 1 actual ability with zero new visuals on the same stf maps ?

What about the romulan zone or reputation and their rewards
Check it out on Tribble.

It's 4 passives (you choose 4 of 8) and 1 active. It's gear sets. (In the case of Romulan rep the Reman space set.) It's consumables to summon Romulan security teams of increasing quality. And the big cosmetic prize are vanity pets that summon a swarm of Romulans or Remans as non-combat pets, so you can have 5 or so Romulans following you whenever you're out of combat. And then it's things like Romulan pistols and the old Borg weapons from both the vendors and Defera, available up through Mk XII. All of which must be bought. Oh, and the costumes are now a project which costs in addition to requiring the gear to be owned.

The passives are good. They're the equivalent of having an extra purple DOff on active duty and then some, with practical boosts like +30 weapons training +20% chance of knockback on crit for melee weapons or small amounts of always on shield or health regen. Every tier is a choice between survival and damage.

I think it's worthwhile from a ground up, new player perspective. It's just a badly thought out transition. Maybe Cryptic needs a floating core team member who goes between games, smoothing transitions.