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Originally Posted by sfhq View Post
Normal is there for those wanting to get their feet in STFs first, a bit of learning, maybe aquiring a Mk X/XI set of something and perhaps to do some experimenting before elite, so those going into normal should expect this.. Elite though, if a group here has failed, yea it usually is better to end it for the mercy of all, and most in elite would recognize when its time.
It occurs to me that a big part of the problem is that as you get promoted through the Admiral ranks and start becoming eligible to use Mk XI and XII gear, grinding Normal STFs for Mk X gear (and no salvage other than EDCs, IIRC) becomes kind of pointless, n00b or not. After all, if you must grind at all in an MMO, you might as well seek out the most lucrative grinding opportunities possible - hence, legions of STF n00bs grinding at the Elite level, regardless of their skill at it.

In all honesty, the only way I can see to circumvent this problem would be to make drops and rewards the same at both levels, except give the Elite missions, say, a 5-10% chance of also yielding some uber-valuable item that can otherwise only be found in a lockbox or the Z-store (or nowhere else at all), thus drastically reducing the incentive for n00bs to grind Elite missions while still giving non-n00bs something to shoot for. And if that doesn't do the trick, just throw in the towel and abandon the two-tier STF system entirely.

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