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OOC. I did not create the poem im about to use . but going to RP like i did .
*THAT WAS AMAZING ! , i yelled over the thunderous applaus , lomax sat down and the spot light wandered around the bar and fell on me , i couldve shot Gonzalos or crawled under the table , instead I elected to stand and contribute to this Punday Sunday event , the crowd got quite and eager with suspence for the ship wreck that was prolly evidently about to happen , 'except for a row of klingon's who were sitted to bar that started chanting and cheering each other in some lore & slamming their mug's together and then after a few verse's even they focused on me and one of them said " hurry up human ..dont disapoint us " then he growled and they started hitting each other ..knocking one for a back flip off his stool ' , with that i dug deep and thought of all the great puns ive certainly read or heard in my life time .. and for some odd reason I remembered this poem , i started grinning and lauphing as i finished off my drink then recited it to my new audiance *

A Garden More Than Odd
Mary Merksam Maxim Dodd
has a garden more than odd.
She thinks it just a handsome treat
to grow a prickly row of feet.
The next row, shock, to your surprise
is tender shoots of long-lashed eyes.
It won't at all allay your fears
to see her row of hairy ears.
And right next to her prize won roses
is a row of sneezing noses.

She sprinkles antihistamine
and wipes the noses dry and clean.
Her favorite row, of few demands
is one made up of waving hands.
How does she tend her garden patch?
She enters quick, and draws the latch.
She feeds her "plants" some roast beef lean,
potatoes, mashed, and lima beans.
She grinds it with her handheld mixer,
makes a helpful "plant" elixir.

But I've often heard her gripe,
"What will I do, when they come ripe?"
As some will run off in the breeze,
and some will snap and some will sneeze.
But some will see her hopeful face,
and to her joy, will stay in place.

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