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Originally Posted by themarie View Post
Difference is human interaction.
Until they connect with their customers and realize this is not what we want and that unilateral decisions that reset years of progress are very frustrating... we can expect more of the same.
I can feel that. Frankly, I like a lot of the devs but I think about half I've spoken to privately generally agree with me (and some were backing me to apply at Cryptic; two even made sure I got an interview when my paperwork got scrambled) and half seem to find me annoying as heck and you can hear them sigh when they mention my name. (One unfriended me on facebook after a forum post.) Funny thing is, it's almost ALL text.

I know it does drive me crazy when I'm on the Podcast UGC livestream though because I think it took Hav and Terilynn awhile to "get" me from my text. My impression is that Jeremy never quite did when I'd hang out in the STOked livestream.

It reminds me of what it was like when I'd meet online gaming friends at Comic-Con or start talking to people on Vent. I always get this hesitation, like, "Wow. You're a lot more normal than I thought." They actually would say that at Comic-Con. I think everybody online must think I'm a 300 pound albino with cat ears when I'm more like very young Stephen Spielberg-level normal (I get him and young Einstein in those facial profilers that match your lookalike), who just gets really passionate about weird things like comics, sci-fi, game design, and customer service.

And the customer service is something that was drilled into me. I don't make a big secret out of having Asperger's Syndrome. Lots of famous people like Dan Aykroyd and Spielberg have been diagnosed. I would be surprised if it wasn't common at most silicon valley companies, the bay area and Cryptic included. Sometimes the way they respond reminds me of ways I'd respond to service incidents over the years. And a voice fires off in my brain: my dad's. He says, "I know why you feel that way. I'm big on consistency too. But that's your Asperger's talking. Reality is not what matters. It isn't about blame. What matters is whether the customer feels good. That's the real product in any business."

And I believe that and want to preach that.

It isn't "gimme gimme gimme" for me. It's a quasi-religious dedication to that idea that the customer should feel good. I don't always live up to it but I still preach, to bosses and to co-workers and to friends. And to companies providing me with a service if I have to even though my dad's voice in my head also tells me that if I have to preach that, I shouldn't be doing business with someone in the first place.

And that's how my dad lives. He'd quit any company that didn't believe in that. And he's cut off any business that won't say so much as "I'm sorry" when their product or service goes wrong. It happened with his cell phone servicer last month when they botched a repair.

In this case, as I pointed out, he could have gotten a free replacement phone from them. He told me, "It's not about getting something. It's about not being valued. All I wanted was an apology and they didn't even ask me my name. I don't want anything free out of them now because that would mean doing business with them. I wouldn't do business with someone even if it was free if they didn't make me feel valued."

And that kind of thing haunts me sometimes when I play MMOs, Cryptic's in particular.