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For those that are interested the Reputation system is now up on tribble. The Devs have spilled that in order to reach Tier 5 in the Omega Fleet it will cost 3,000 Omega Marks and approx. 100,000 dilithium. To obtain a complete Mk XII set it will cost 1,686 Omega Marks, 15 Elite Omega Marks, and approx. 80,000 dilithium.

And cut and pasted from the Tribble patch notes here's a more thorough explanation of what the system will look/work like.

Reputation System

The Reputation System is a way for players to earn status with different factions or groups within the game, while at the same time unlocking items and powers that are specific to that faction or group.

When a player logs in they simply go to their status window and will see a new tab called "Reputation".

As the player progresses through the system they will unlock powers and the ability to create special items.

This system unlocks at level 50.

Reputation UI
The Reputation UI is located in the status window in a new tab called "Reputation".
Clicking "Reputation" will bring up the reputation UI.

Available reputation tracks will be located in tabs on the left side of the UI.
The progression track UI shows what tier the player currently is, or is working towards, as well as the power that will be earned by completing each tier.

Personal Projects

A personal project can be thought of as a Fleet Project for a single person.

There are some minor differences that will be noted.

These projects are selected, slotted, and contributed to by the player
All projects have a set construction time that must be completed before the rewards are given and the next project can begin.

Personal Projects exist in several categories:

XP Projects
These projects come in large and small varieties and provide larger quantities of XP for progressing in the system

Gear Projects
These projects are what players run to earn gear or other rewards from the reputation system while offering more modest XP awards.

Tier Up Projects
These projects are used to move the player from one tier to the next, while also unlocking a new power along the way


Gear Projects are used to unlock items via the reputation system

Some Gear Projects will award you the equipment directly upon acknowledging the project completion, while others will unlock the ability to purchase your new rewards from the Reputation Store.

Directly Granted Gear projects operate more like duty officer assignments than fleet provisioning projects.

Once a gear project is completed the project will not automatically grant the reward.

The player must go into the UI and claim the item from the completed project.

Once the reward has been claimed players can then slot a new project in the previously occupied slot.

The rewards that fall into this category are as follows:

-Special Consumables
-Special or Unique Items
-Set Gear

There is also a store that sells select new items for Dilithium.

The reputation Store can be accessed by clicking the "Store" button at the top of your status page for a specific Reputation.

Each Reputation has its own unique Store.

These stores are unlocked at specific tiers by running an unlock project

Once the project has been completed all gear in that category may be purchased directly for Dilithium.

For example, running the Mark 12 Plasma Pistol project unlocks the ability to purchase Mk12 Plasma pistols from the store.

These items are usually new or thematically related to the reputation they belong to, and are not set or unique items.

New Captain Powers

Across the five tiers of progression players will unlock a choice between two new abilities at each tier.

The first four tiers offer a choice between two powers to the player.

The passive can be space OR ground.

The fifth tier offers a new click or passive power to players.

The click/passive power will be space OR ground.

Reputation Specific Marks

Reputation Specific Marks are earned by playing any of the missions that are themed and designated mark missions.

Romulan Marks are used in the Romulan Reputation Track.

The following content provides Romulan Marks as a Reward:
-Romulan Featured Series
-The Vault Shuttle Event
-Azure Sector Daily
-New Romulus Planet and Instance Missions
-Select Queued Events
-The Vault Defense
-Azure Nebula Rescue
-Mining Colony Evacuation

Omega Marks are used in the Omega Reputation Track.

The following content provides Omega Marks:
- Normal Special Task Force Missions
--25% additional Marks for the bonus objective
-Elite Special Task Force Missions
--Elite rewards three times the Omega marks of a Normal STF.
--25% additional Marks for the bonus objective.
--Elite also gives an elite omega mark.
---A token amount of elite marks are required for Mk 12 set gear.
---Elite marks can also be converted to dilithium through the reputation system.
-Borg Red Alerts
-Defera Invasion