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# 59 First day experience
10-20-2012, 08:43 AM
10/19/12 22:00-ish PDT

Works fine on PC in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and just for giggles, IE.

Unable to progress beyond AccountGuard on mobile device (Samsung SGH-i927 running Android 4.0 with the flash-disabled browser).

10/20/12 08:00 PDT

Still works on PC: Oooh, the interface has changed a little!
Still does not advance past AccountGuard on mobile. Tried it on Firefox for Android, same results. Wife would not let me try it on her iPhone. Maybe later.

All I can think is that this would be an awesome offline (and by that I mean out-of-game) interface for stuff like doff assignments. I have lamented the loss of web access to in-game email since the Cryptic merged with PerfectWorld (or was it Atari? I can't quite recall anymore). If the Cryptic team pays attention to such things, they'll note that I may only get the opportunity to play the game once every couple weeks, due to factors such as work schedules and family obligations, but I did try to keep up to date with emails from Fleet and friends.