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Overall, from what I have seen of the release, it seems good. I did get to start my reputation missions, and I did look over the Embassy missions for the Tribble fleet.

Although some people have predicted doom and gloom, I do not share this opinion.

Into the Hive:

I did get to play this, and it seems short. The Borg Queen kept getting stuck on the level below which had caused the party to have to commit suicide which prevents the team from completing the optional task.

Mine Trap:

I had fun on this mission. It took me a couple of rounds of doing the mission to get the hang of it, but once I knew what to do, it was very easy to do.

Azure Nebula:

This was an easy mission. The players just fly around and shoot at Tholians and save some Romulans.

Reputation system

This seems strait forward to me. A player just follows the progression arc for the different tiers and gets Captain powers and a set of Omega Gear.

I still have questions about how the Expert Omega Marks are rewarded.

If this system is intended to be how future player zones and story-lines are added in the game, then I think it gives the developers a nice method for expanding the game without having to restructure the level cap. However, it does create a problem in that, the developers will have to keep coming up with new captain powers.

My only concern was the cycles between task. It was stated that Reputation task require a 40 hour cycle and the embassy task require a 20 hour cycle. This seems backwards to me. I would think a individual player would prefer a shorter cycle between task and the embassy task which involves more people would require a longer cycle.


Right now, the new release is in fragments. Until I see the entire system in actual practice, it is hard for me to predict anything. On the test server, we do not really get to see the tasks for the embassy system as a planner. So far, I think everything I have been exposed to is okay. The Gateway system is very nice.

Thank you.