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Depending on your mood this post fits in "best experiences" as well as in "worst experiences".

I have been grinding Cure Space Elite with my main charakter for weeks to get the optional (and the tech). Eventually i got the engine, but although there were some good teams and it was sometimes very close we never got the optional.
My last run so far: four people were guarding the Kang while I destroyed the probes under the first cube. As soon as I was finished, two rainbow warriors left the Kang-group and started shooting at the cube. Noooo, not again. I asked them to stop but probably they had their chat windows closed. I just sat back and made some beautiful rainbow screenshots. They destroyed the cube. Needless to say that the raptors overwhelmed us quickly.

Although I was frustrated I switched to an alt and did CSE again. It was the first time with this char and the ship was not even properly equipped. This time everything went by the book. I was excited, because we had enough time to spare. When I shot the last torp at the last cube I could watch it fly slowly (heavy plasma torp) and hit the cube. And then... nothing. Disconnected.

Fortunately I could re-login in time. We got the optional. Hooray.

That's why I like PUGs. They bring the variety and excitement into a game that is becoming more and more boring because every update brings more grinding and repeating the same easy missions for fleet (omega, romulan, ...) marks.

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