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<Patientia Sanctimonia> A Level 6 Federation Fleet

Small English speaking social fleet with a casual play style.
We may be small but we are active, myself and co-leader are lifetime subscribers who play daily and have members in various timezones
If you're looking for a simple, laid back, easy going fleet with no strings and no pressure, you should check us out.
We have a Fleet Emblem, No uniform rules and a Starbase under construction.[/url].

If interested reply to post or send a tell/mail ingame to: @zhdani

We also have a custom channel set up with our KDF Sister Fleet which can be found here

__________________________________________________ _____

Starbase Progress:

Starbase - Tier 2
Military (Shipyard) - Tier 2
Engineering (Industrial Fabricator) - Tier 2
Science (Communications Array) - Tier 2

We have been about since they started them and have completed all of the 'Limited Time' Special Projects that add lovely cosmetic things to the starbase, such as Tribbles!

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