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Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Cannons on the Vesta, a sci-ship, has always interested me.

One of a sci-ships inherent abilities has always been sub-system targetting - an ability facilitated by utilising beam arrays.

However, one of the Vesta's selling points is it's ability to use cannons. So this can mean two things. 1: that the sub-system targetting will be either dropped or inactive, due to the use of cannons, on the Vesta or 2: subsystem targeting will be enabled on the Vesta and will be achievable using cannons.

Eitherways - looking forward to this ship hitting the C-store and will have the Zen ready and waiting (though putting my Wells class in mothballs will be painfull!).
There is really nothing stopping someone from putting a single beam or well in the case of the Vesta a DBB on a ship if they want to use SST.