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10-20-2012, 02:29 PM
Worst to date: a couple patches ago, over ISE, me a friend and three Feds. We're working on the first set, get the gennies to 10% and blown on time, things are going well and the probes appear.

NOW, to give some context here: I fly a BoP, which is one console short and one weapons placement short to most Escorts and two behind the Fleet Defiant, the Feds in question included some very nice Fed hardware, including a pretty decent sci ship, a carrier, and an MVAE.

A bird of Prey is, even tricked out, NOT powerful enough to draw the aggro I was drawing-I was trying to focus on the transformer (now that the gennies were dead), my friend in her Mirror Vor'cha was flying support...

and suddenly, I realize that I'm not just getting green **** shot at me, but orange as well-Yah, htat's right kids, the fleet support someone called in (or maybe their photonic ships, couldn't tell between all hte blowing up) was fighting on the wrong side.

So, now we're trying to fight probes, kill the transformer, and fight NPC fedships-simultaneously.

the little box announces we lost the optional.


The carrier leaves. Leaving me, my friend in the M-Vorcha, the very nice (but injury ridden) Escort, and the sci-who then departs while we're fighting the other cube, after blowing the first transformer.

(and all the mobs of Nannie-spheres, now unburdened by any sort of crowd control-I switch my Boffs at the next point of me being in respawn hell).

several rounds of Those mobs alternating between taking the Fed down, then chasing me later, the Fed leaves us with six or seven spheres, a healthy transformer, probes, and the gate.

Still do-able, right?

Only, see, apparently in spite of ZERO points of Threat control on my end, the AI thinks I'm a bigger threat than the cruiser.

We've passed the 45 minute mark at this point. I've gone through a 20 pack of heals, my friend's run out, gate is nowhere NEAR down, we fall back and regroup outside the Sphere's patrol run.

See, with my BoP, I can either DPS OR do Crowd control, not both, and the Mirror Vor'cha's not that great a tanking machine, we're the last two on the map, it's her first run with that hull, My spike isn't high enough to blow spheres FAST enough to let her take the transformer without a Nannie sphere healing it, and we're both about sick of this.

It is at this point on our fleet channel that a MUCH more experienced player observed that the leaver-penalty goes away if you quit AFTER two others have.

WE make another try-just to prove the concept-and once again...we clear the current spheres, start working on the transformer, the gate spews out two mobs of probes and spheres, which gang us three-on-one each.

at this point, it is time to say "Screw this." we left.