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10-20-2012, 02:50 PM
SECOND worst was the other night over KASE-me and four feds, one got jumped and rolled by two cubes simultaneously, so a probe got past him.

Salavageable-we can at least finish...

Only someone else was so hakked that they immediately quit the mission. Down to four now, right?


I'm driving a bird of prey. We had a Defiant on the field, two cruisers and me.

I should NOT be running second in DPS, EVER with a Defiant and two advanced Fed cruisers.

The guy running FIRST shouldn't be the guy running his tanking/healer build.

I won't name the festival of ship injuries who bravely got himself killed every time the gate killed ME (usually in seconds after it found a less threatening target).

Six got past before the second gate went down.


I can't move that fast, dammit-and I don't have the spike to kill spheres that fast-I run Polaron cannons, I have the right Bridge officer layout, I have good (but very few Purple) DoFFs, but my consoles are pretty much "all blue". this is a situation where I was wishing I had my old Hegh'ta, instead of the Fleet Norgh-that missing 800 or so points of hull REALLY hurt-even running Neutronium Blues MKXI and Shield Gennies in a KHG MkXII shield. I REALLY should've been running a Thissler build instead.

By the time Donatra showed, I was wishing I hadn't tossed my torpedoes for another Pol DHC MkXII. (or MkXII turret) I juust wasn't eroding things fast enough.

I also wish, looking back, that I'd combatlogged that one. It's the first time I've been in an STF where we had early departures, and still managed to finish the mission.

Kudos to the Fed Cruiser cap who was doing #1 damage though-he held an entire SIDE after hte leaver took off while I was confined to respawn hell.