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10-20-2012, 02:02 PM
Originally Posted by salamiinferno View Post
Thanks for your feedback. I wanted to reply to the 40 hour vs 20 hour comment. We made the fleet project timer shorter because if you're even a smaller fleet you can almost guarantee you'll have someone on every day so they can contribute. You can't guarantee that YOU will be on every day. By making the timer 40 hours we ensure that you dont have to log in every single day to be running at maximum efficiency. If you do log on every day you could run Omega one day and Romulan the next and by having the offset you'll always have a project to fill each day.
That makes sense since with the nature of the beast with grinding... It would be extremely hard if you do play every day like on kdf side get your contraband grind going, doff recruiting grind in between, fleet marks, romulan marks, and then omega marks it would be utterly nasty... Is kind of why I was hoping the sto gateway would allow you to doff easier so you could play all this content in a decent amount of time and still have some fun without it feeling like a job lol.