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# 1 PVP Starbase Siege proposal
10-20-2012, 03:06 PM
I apologize for not writing well in English. Please help me with this idea. I imagined it as guild event.


- Only fleets that have starbase at levels 3, 4 and 5 can participate.
- The leader can challenge another fleet only once every month.
- The challenger sets the date and time.
- There is no option to decline the challenge.
- The time of the match will be a maximum of one hour. If after one hour the base is not taken attackers will lose

How it will work:

- First the attackers need to take down the shields of the starbase.
- The defenders should use its fleet to defend the station and can also use the resources of the starbase (lasers, torpedoes, etc.) for defense.
- Once the defense shield fails, everyone will be transported into the base where it began the new phase of combat.
- The defenders may spend resources buying soldiers for the defense of the engineering, operations and tactical.
- For the attackers win they need to take control of one of the basic sectors (engineering, tactical or operations). To accomplish this goal one player should be able to access the computer or dashboard and stay in it for 5 minutes. If the player is killed during the intervening time, other players may try to take control, but each attempt the time is counted from the beginning, ie it will take another five minutes.The attackers must maintain control until the end of the siege. The defenders will need to do same to get the sector back, ie one player should be able to access the computer or dashboard and stay in it for 5 minutes.

- The respawn areas must be distant enough to prevent the players from being attacked when they are back.

- Each participant will gain an item MK XII purple.
- If the defenders win they will be entitled to complete one project chosen by the fleet leader
- if attackers win they will be entitled to complete two projects chosen by the fleet leader


- The starbase will loose some resources.

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