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10-20-2012, 03:33 PM
Sadly I do not share the op's opinion on s7. So far I'm quite unhappy with the changes.

Reputation system is nothing but grind and will add to the already difficult resource strain especially when it comes to dil. Plus the fact that we'll have to grind again, for each character, the ability to get something that we already have the ability to get. (ie I have saved up prototype salvage and edc for when I want new stuff)

The increase in prices to recruit doffs or exchange doffs are f'ing insane. I mean it would take years to get a decent set off good doffs. And good luck trying to fill those starbase projects.

Changing the borg set is pointless. why fix something that isn't broken. why nerf something that really didn't need a nerf. How about instead of a nerf you offer something new a shiney for people to try and get.