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I apologize if this has been mentioned but I am not reading through 10 pages just to see if it has.

After spending the last several hours on Tribble, many of my fellow fleet members and I are a bit taken aback by the fact that dilithium is no longer being rewarded for successful completion of STFs. In addition to this, the new reputation system actually cost dilithium to get the assignments started. WTF?
Not only do we get screwed out of 1100 dilithium per STF but it will cost us at least 300 per Omega Reputation assignment at tier 1 and it will probably increase as the level increases.

So Cryptic, what gives? Is this some new scheme to get us to spend more Zen to purchase dilithium from the exchange?

What other changes are in store that will limit the ways to earn dilithium in game?

I am usually very supportive of you guys but this is very disconcerting to say the least. I honestly hope that you will not implement this particular change when Season 7 goes live on Holodeck because I can image a lot of ticked off players who are not aware that this is coming.

Like I said, several members of my fleet are not happy and only a small pecentage of us have actually been on Tribble to see it.

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