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As the veil of secrecy is pulled aside the filthy truth of possible civil war is revealed. Can the fighting be stemmed in time to preserve the Federation, or will 200 years of sacrifice, honor and peaceful cooperation come crashing down?

Greetings, fellow beings.

We apologize for the interruption of your standard entertainment and information feeds. We have just been made aware that Starfleet Command has apparently been withholding information regarding a serious internal security matter.

We have received this image from Outpost Sumter space, in which you can clearly see Federation starships engaging each other in combat:

When we contacted Starfleet Command for further information, we were told this was a matter of internal security and was classified. However, we here at the FNS believe in freedom of information and the truth.

We have reviewed transmissions received at another nearby starbase, Starbase 381, and though the transmissions were heavily scrambled, our specialists were able to make out a name - Toddman.

We believe this to be Admiral Josiah Toddman. Here is a file photo of him giving a speech at a conference on Earth Space Dock:

Admiral Toddman has a family steeped in Starfleet history, going back nearly to the very founding of the Federation, the most notable of which is Vice Admiral Toddman of Starfleet Security during the Dominion War.

Our research indicated that Admiral Josiah Toddman has not been heard from for several months, and was last stationed at Starfleet Intelligence. His office could not be reached for comment and our sources in the Federation Assembly are not talking.

His last recorded speech at Earth Space Dock called for an increased arms buildup to deal with increased threats to the Federation. Many of his fellow officers were reported to agree with his ideas, but the call for increased armament was voted down by a majority in the Assembly. Toddman has not been heard from since.

Our records indicate Starbase 381 is the home of the 26th fleet, under the command of Admiral Jennifer N. Hunter. Rest assured, we will be contacting the Admiral to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Why are Federation starships firing on one another during wartime? Where is Admiral Toddman and why is his name being mentioned in priority communiques to Starbase 381?

We will report more as we find out. We now return you to your standard feeds.