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"IF" the Dilithium system, as it sits, goes away I will NOT be diplomatic about it. I suggest someone at Cryptic better got hot and remedy this or you "WILL" have a mass exodus from the game. Everyone I know likes current system. Sometimes explanations & information go a long to satiate the disgruntled.

We all understand you guys need to make money to pay for personnel to make the game we love, but you have free to play players that need to current diltihium system to be competitive
The following needs to done to attempt to explain this inane move.

- Why was the new system was created

- What is wrong with the old

- How will this be an advantage to players & or their enjoyment

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I for one have to agree, from what I see all this is going to be worse now than it was before! I also do not forsee alot of people that are F2P or paying monthly to get lifetime subscriptions or to continue to pay for a monthly gold subscriptions! Some people depend on all the dailies that we have to make dilithium and they aslo get it from the Elite STFs. If this is taken from the STFs then what is the point of doing all the STFs??? I see No Point. I thought that this would be adding content and making minor tweaks to the game and not changing half of what people use to make the game some fun so they can actually try to aquire the items that they want from the store with out spending money that they can not afford to get these items. I also have read all the comments here and I wonder if they will actually stick to leaving the Dilithium in the main server when changes are made.

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