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# 1 screen ratio is messing up
10-20-2012, 06:56 PM
Recently I figured out how to make the game screen become smaller so I could see my desktop while playing. The day after, I logged into STO and the screen x and y ratio was off. All of my characters looked very thin and tall. Also, various parts of my HUD were out of scale.

I have tried all screen resolution options and ratios, but none bring it back to looking as it did previously. There was never a problem with this before; it always looked great. I took some screenshots of it to show you.

This is the game screen now. I opened the inventory to show how squished it is. The squares in it are supposed to actually be square.

This is how space looks. The saucer on my ship is supposed to be more of a circle than oval. My chat box used to touch the engine power meter. The list of BOff abilities used to touch the edge of the screen. Really irritating me that everything looks so odd. Help would be much appreciated.