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Originally Posted by grievas View Post
for those who don't know how statfleet command worked, here is a screenshot of the weapons layout as an example:

The arc of a weapon was defined by the ship rather than the weapon itself. This also made for example dual beams or cannons unnecessary as you mounted 2 beam emitters or cannons in the two slots. The loadout was devided into primary weapons and heavy weapons and their slots were not generic.
Yes but SFC rules wouldn't function here, it was basically the heavier the ship the better. Odyssey and Bortasqu' would be the best of their respective factions where escorts would be by far the weaker or weakest of ships.

The size trumps all system in SFC would make science and escorts completely obsolete at endgame level. When bigger is better of course they don't have to worry about what type of weapons a ship can equip because quite simply...the biggest is built to be the best.