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10-20-2012, 08:03 PM
um, i know pvp can be a bit imbalanced and one sided sometimes. but why is that guy a few posts above that against PVP? i have a feeling he speaks for many players unfortunately.

i mean, the game is full of imbalance and lack of challenge in the PVE section, why not join others for some good fun?

i think any idea that implements both aspects of PVE and PVP is great fun. i mean, kerrat is crazy to be in, but if anything its not the same old boring mission. depending on who is in there, you could be killing borg for a half hour, or trying to stay alive during a klingon onslaught.

so, hear me ye all gaming trek fans.....

zone PVP, or Fleet Wargames would be the RP'rs biggest present in the world. and how could you argue that it wouldnt be?

i mean, you are talking territory wars on a massive scale. a live action RTS PVE/PVP experience.

build up your starbase defenses by grinding missions for necessities.....

earn "espionage" points for killing other fleets in PVP ques......

play tit=for=tat border wars with other fleets while making aliances to prepare for large offensives.

HOW is this not awesome?

have fun kill bad guys