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Originally Posted by puttenham View Post
really? of all the problems and things missing from the game, you want them to take time to work on of all things horta's... ok.....


In a nutshell they're too busy trying to rewrite the game mechanics and stave off nerd-rage because everyone has a personal opinion on how the mechanics should benefit them personally.

The game... lacks anything FUN to do at the moment. There hasn't been a new sub-game, mini-quest, or the like added in ages.

We currently have... scan for data-samples, mine diltithium, dabo, and breed tribbles. With the exception of mining, the others have been around for awhile now.

By adding these little detail things like breeding hortas or targs... or other mini-games... you have something else to do with your time other than worry about conversion ratios and who gets what when the next revamp hits.

My suggestion is but one of a myriad number of little things they could add to make the game more enjoyable. Poker was another suggestion... how about a tri-D chess mini game.

Well, ya'll have fun obsessing over your grind-token conversion rates and who gets what. I'm going to look at things from a different perspective and see if we can't get some change and growth along a different vector for once.
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