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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
Would the Borg really assimilate a Horta?
Yes. The Borg would assimilate anything that improves the collective. Hortas are naturally resistant to damage, do not need weapons other than their own bodies, and can move through rock like we move through air. That, plus the fact that the Borg have developed an "Assimilate ALL the things!" virus, means that not only would there be value in assimilating, them, but they *can* assimilate them. I highly doubt that the Borg have developed racism (or the species equivalent) since their last appearance on TV and in the movies.

Anyway, back to the original topic; I would love to see the functionality of Hortas be expanded. Just the fact that they can't jump on enemies to deal massive damage strikes me as a bit... odd. Also, by all means they *should* be able to be given commands, like BOffs and Fighters. They are a sentient (or sapient, if using the correct terminology), like humans and the multitudes of near-human and other species, after all.

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