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10-21-2012, 01:53 AM
I think the discussion can freely be ended, as Borticus has announced that not only will the KHG 3-piece become more of an AOE EBC+ with the stealth of a MES2 (low stealth is its weakness if you ask me), but they will be making the STF sets cross-faction by introducing 'Adapted' versions of the other faction's set, with the same stats but different cosmetics.

Pretty cool, right?

And before somebody mistakes my post for sarcasm, I really AM looking forward to those changes, especially since my KDF alt is only a deflector away from KHG Mk XII, not to mention the MACO set suits my STF builds best.

Speaking of which, when comparing secondary attacks, which is better? KHG or standard pulsewave? What range does the grenade launcher even have?
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