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I've been away since about March and April, and before that I hadn't played since last Octoberish. Every time I come back I find myself getting very frustrated (perhaps more than I should) with this game. I subbed to this game for so long with high hopes that it would get better, I thought there was tremendous potential even though there was a lot of nay sayers about the first few updates I can honestly say the last thing that was added to this game that I thought was great was the ground combat change - That's it.

I thought this game was beginning to look bright around that time, finally we were getting an update to ground combat, KDF content was beginning to seem like a good possibility and then you guys went to F2P...

I remember the days when I would look FORWARD to the upcoming Season, now I get nervous about what else is going to have a price tag (or a stupendous amount of grinding) attached to it. STFs with random drops. Fleet Star bases seemed like a decent idea but it turned out exactly like I expected - A worthless grind fest.

Every time I'm about to log back in for the first time in months I get excited because I love the game play, I love the missions, but then I actually log in and remember "OH yeah, there's nothing to do but grind for dilithium anymore". I personally thought crafting was finally made decent... But then you guys attached dilithium to it... As if getting the rare samples weren't enough...

The most frustrating part? Is before when you guys did something that I didn't agree with I could point it out and at least ponder a few solutions - Now it's just such a huge mess that I'm not even sure where to begin.

I used have this view of Cryptic as a rag tag team of underground developers who were passionate about what they did, and even though they had a skeleton crew they'd try to pump out some really cool stuff (ground combat, Featured Episodes, foundry, etc. etc. etc.) But now I just feel like it's ran by my local used car salesman. Everywhere I look in this game it evolves around either dilithium or lock boxes.

I'm sure it's not really the Devs fault but more PWE, but I've never felt so negative about this game. I just feel it's a huge mess and it's just getting worse.

I apologize for all the complaining and negativity but this is just how I feel, I feel like I've been slapped in the face after all the time and money I've invested before this went f2p.