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10-21-2012, 02:34 AM
I also want to add that I absolutely HATE the random drop idea with STFs. I don't like the idea of "play this mission until completely hate it and puke every time you even hear the name before you can get high end gear". What happened to the simple idea of being rewarded for being successful in a mission rather than "Awesome, that mission went smooth... Now after playing that for the 234,562,789th time HOPEFULLY I get the drop I've been waiting for".

You guys add things that NOBODY asked for, that NOBODY wants - Why would you think a reward system like that would work well? Money? There's not dilithium involved to play these missions so it can't be that. Is it for the sole purpose of driving us to the point of insanity? Is it a marketing move in hopes that we'll go crazy from the repetitive play that we'll start forking over money for stupid things?

Ugh... Anyways, apologies again, I just had to vent.