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As the team I was on completed Cure ground elite, I was unfortunate enough to get a "Server Not Responding" prompt & was disconnected. I immediately logged back in but respawned at the beginning of the map! Even using Motion Accelerator twice, I couldn't get to the end of the map before the Leave Instance timer expired & I lost my loot for completing the STF.

First, why would Cryptic REQUIRE you manually hit an Accept Loot icon to obtain your mission completion loot? Are there player that run STFs & don't want anything for it?

Second, why would the respawn point of a completed STF be the BEGINNING of the map & not the END?

Third, why would the Leave Instance timer be shorter than the time necessary to travel from the beginning of a ground STF map to the end? Further if you're waiting for a long Respawn penalty to end so you can respawn & collect mission completed loot, do you chance not getting the loot because the Leave Instance timer can be shorter than the Respawn timer? Yes I know, some of you will say the other team members will res you so there shouldn't be any issue between the Respawn timer & Leave Instance timer. Well there are inconsiderate players who just get the mission completed loot & LEAVE the STF without any consideration for the other team members & their loot drops.

Now there are a number of bugs that are not repaired. I've lost a number of STF completion loot drops because of Leave Instance timer issue problems though & I'm sure many of you have too. Ever killed the boss at the end of ground STF only to find the mission isn't over because the team left a stray Borg alive somewhere at the beginning of the map? You go back & kill that Borg only to find you can't get to the end to collect your loot because the Leave Instance timer expires?

Given not all STF runs are smooth & simple, and Prototype Tech is still a random drop & can be difficult to obtain, I would ask Cryptic review the Leave Instance timer & correct it in one of the following manners:

1. Stop requiring players to click on a Loot icon to obtain their STF Completion loot. Once an STF is completed, all Respawn penalty timers should end automatically (if any are active) and the STF completion loot should be automatically distributed to each player. If a player is disconnected from the game & respawns back into the instance immediately, they too would receive their loot no matter where they respawn on a map.

2. If Cryptic won't remove the Loot icon & continues to require all players to manually accept STF completion loot, once a ground STF is completed & players are disconnected from the server, the respawn point should be changed to the end of the map. It shouldn't be the beginning of the map.

3. If Cryptic won't make the respawn point in a completed STF the end of the map, then I would ask they extend the Leave Instance timer to a time long enough for a player to run from the beginning of a STF map to the end.

If you agree with my solutions, or have any other plausible ones Cryptic would consider to correct STF Leave Instance timer issues please reply accordingly. I'm hoping this thread could be used as a petition to request Cryptic's assistance to correct this serious issue.

Respectfully Submitted