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Originally Posted by shredder75 View Post
The problem with support craft in general is horrible AI. With my Armitage, it's not as big of a deal because the cooldowns aren't too bad except on the shield ships (which I rarely use anyway.) and I have a bit of limited control on their behavior.

For the Oddy though, the cooldowns are obnoxious and basically I have to focus the saucer or Aquarius so I can keep tabs on their silly death wishes.

The biggest problem with support craft are warp core explosions. Aggro or not, the explosions will obliterate them in ESTFs (and often just in a normal mission.) For carriers or the HEC, you can at least anticipate that and recall the ships, or send them to intercept/escort another target to get them out of harms way. With other ships, you can't and that's highly frustrating.

Having better AI, and/or the option to issue limited orders would be a nice addition.

As for aggro, that seems to be mostly a proximity thing.
ou are correct about the Warp Core Explosions, which is why I have asked for a reduced timer, I doubt the Devs would have the time or care enough to implement a more advanced AI, but a reduced timer would mean that even though it died, you know you can respawn it again very quickly.

It would be nice if all ships that have support craft, have two basic commands rather than the full 4 (thugh the full 4 would be better) attack and defend.

If the AI simply kept a certain distance from enemy ships this would solve the warp core issue and if it has a reduced threat and timer I believe the Support Craft would become a lot more viable.

As you say, most of the time the Support Craft are more of a hinderance, as you have to keep an eye on them and there silly death wishes, using your precious healing abilities on them to keep them alive, its supposed to be the other way around surely, isn't it why its called a Support Craft.