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10-21-2012, 02:46 AM
Originally Posted by allocater View Post
Guys the current math says that Reputation and Marks are not an issue.

The total reputation is 40000.

Projects that add +2000 reputation costs 19 Marks.

That is 20projects total that require 380 marks.

You get 60 marks for an ESTF.

That is 7 ESTF.

So: S7 goes live. You play 7 ESTS that day and that's it. You are done for forever! Now you wait 40days to convert all Marks into reputation and buy everything with dilithium. The end. Sounds weird? Yes, it does.
You're not accounting of the increase of project costs with higher Tiers. So what you project is going to be a lot more complicated than you make it out to be.

Simple or not, what Cryptic is doing is WRONG! Suddenly charging us massive ammounts of Dilithium out of the blue, then the DOFF Factor, and complete disregard of players who worked literally for 11 months and still trying to get those Elite Sets. And so far, 99% of people in-game and on the forum, and even the podcasts, these decisions are extremely unpopular. If Cryptic goes ahead as is, people will leave.

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